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Ciline was a child when Lemuel first started working on the Plateau.  In fact, her mother was one of Lemuel’s earliest employees.  She herself is now a member of our hospitality staff.  Listen as Ciline describes the differences between her childhood, and that of her own child, who she is now raising.

(Due to file size, I was not able to upload the entire video.  I’m sure someone more tech savvy could have figured out a way, but alas.  In addition, I did not have the video editing software necessary to insert sub-titles, so I have included the transcript below, including the part that I had to cut out of the video.

1)Download video editing software.  Check…now to figure out how to use it.

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I’ll try to do better next time.)



[Not shown in video]

Judy: How old were you when Lemuel came to work in the area?

Ciline: I don’t remember, Mme Jude.

Judy: Were you a small child?

Ciline: I wasn’t too small…I would say I was around 10 or 9 years old—one of those ages.  I can’t remember.

Judy:  And what do you remember the area being like?

Ciline:  The area was…a desert.  There were a lot of thorns.  There was no water.  And also there were no trees; you couldn’t see anything.  Even if there was a house, you wouldn’t easily see the house, because there were so many thorns.

Judy: What time did they used to wake you up to go for water?

[Video starts here.]

Ciline:  I used to get up at 1AM in the morning to go for water, and on the way home, I would fall asleep on the donkey.  When I came back at 5AM, that’s when my mom would do my hair for school…so that my mom could take me to school in Anse-Rouge.  After she took me to school, she had to return home and prepare some food to put aside for us.  When the food was done–when we got home around 1 or 2PM–then we would get the donkeys again and mount to go for water at Ti Rivyè.  Once we got back from Ti Rivyè, that’s when we would have to learn our lessons.  They would go over our little lessons with us by lamplight.  Sometimes you would get spanked.  You would cry and get angry, and then just get spanked again..And at the same time you’re falling asleep and nodding off, they’re going over your lessons with you.

And then tomorrow morning before daylight again, you go for water again.   You get home from school again…and sometimes it was also at that time that you would have to crush the sorghum to make food so that you could eat…on your way to school.

Judy: And now?  Where do you get water now?

Ciline: Now….thanks to God, He put Manis…in the area, to help many people in the area…Especially me—he has really helped…my family.  He helped us make a water cistern.  Actually, I can say I now have a cistern at my house; I don’t go to Ti Rivyè any more.  First of all, I thank God.  But secondly, I thank Manis.

Judy: You have a son, correct?

Ciline: Yes, I have a son.

Judy: What’s his name?

Ciline: Woodyoume

Judy: So what difference do you see between the way Woodyoume is growing up and the way you grew up?

Ciline: …There are many lessons in my case versus Woodyoume’s—I can show many differences.  Because I had to go for water; I had to ride on a donkey…They would spank me—I didn’t know my lessons….sometimes when I got to school, they would spank me, because I didn’t know my lessons.  Woodyoume, now, he knows his lessons.  He has water to bathe in.  He speaks French.  He gets up on the cistern and he runs around [playing].  There are a lot of differences.


Want to hear more?  On April 23rd, Lemuel is celebrating its 20th anniversary by reviewing 20 years of God’s faithfulness.  There will be many more pictures, videos, and stories like Ciline’s.  We would LOVE for you to join us.  If you plan to be there, you MUST RSVP by e-mailing lemuel20th@gmail.com (please include the number of people coming with you, as well as your contact information).

  1. February 6, 2016

    You did great!! And I can practice listening to Creole as well! Thank you for this. I look forward to many more testimonies of God’s work there on the plateau. 🙂 Send Randy my love to Celine and let her know how well we believe she did in the video and how proud we are of her hard work in serving through Lemuel and her efforts in being a good mom!

  2. February 6, 2016

    lol. amazing what a difference missing ONE word can do in a sentence…… ok, take two….. “Send Randy AND my love to Celine….” #proofreadbeforesending

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