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As previously mentioned, the kids from the church were given an opportunity to participate in the church offering for the windows.  The Saturday before the special concert being held for that purpose (see below), Lemuel hosted a work day on which the kids could come and take part in cleaning up the church and school grounds.  At the end of the day, each received their own offering to put in the basket the next day.  What a great chance it was for them to learn that they too have value and can contribute!

cleaning up the area around the trees planted by the school kids
It seems Wawens may have been given the job of sweeping up debris…
…while others gathered it up in boxes or wheelbarrows.  Their little smiling faces are so precious!
Other members of our staff also lent a helping hand.  
Lenique was there to make sure everyone had a job to do.
Mme Wisly is one of the ever-faithful in these types of events.
 Josaine was also there in preparation for the NOVA youth retreat (more about that soon).
 And of course, there is always time for a little jump rope…
…as well as for kicking around the soccer ball with school teachers Thony and Wilnique.
  1. February 26, 2013

    Love the pictures! Thanks for the update!

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