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As many of you know, consistent, reliable internet access is one challenge that we face on the Plateau.  A couple weeks ago, our internet jump drives stopped working (again) for anything more than e-mail.  This accounts for some of the recent delay in our communications.

This weekend, I (Krischelle) traveled to a friend’s house outside of Port-au-Prince in order to use her internet.

***PLEASE NOTE: Our communications will be less regular for a time due to the internet problems.***

We have exhausted all the options that we know of for internet on the Plateau.  Unless the company who owns the signal used by our jump drives corrects the problem (and we don’t have very high expectations for this), we will need to come up with a different communications strategy…possibly regular trips to another location where we can use the internet.  Please bear with us and pray for us as we seek a solution to this issue.

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