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In the middle of February, we were pleased to welcome Crossworld Canada’s president Jim Beerley, along with Jay and Cheri Prince to the Plateau for a visit.  They jumped into a variety of activities.  Jay came with the varied skills of a contractor.  He and Robenson worked on sealing the stone floor at Krischelle’s house.


They also started the frame for the kitchen cabinets.



Cheri, who is a dental assistant, spent some time looking into the mouths of our school children.  With the possibility of a dental team at some point in the future, we wanted to get an idea of what oral problems were present and prevalent.


Gravity chairs make great dental chairs too!


Cheri also prepared a short seminar on oral hygiene as part of the Carnival Youth Retreat.


(It was “Creole Day,” in case you were wondering at our costumes.)

Only two or three of the youth had ever been to “the dentist.”  Pulling teeth is usually the solution to tooth pain.

The youth listened attentively and asked some great questions.  As a part of the session, we were able to hand out donated toothbrushes that Cheri had brought in to Haiti with her.


In addition to doing some classes with Rachel (Bonita’s current intern) and preaching on Sunday morning (so giving Samuel a break), Jim–who grew up in Haiti–spent his time helping out with translating and encouraging us as a staff.  We had fun celebrating his birthday together…we killed the fatted goat for the occasion!


In a country where it is often very difficult to plan ahead with any certainty, it is amazing to see the way God brings people with useful and necessary skills for “unplanned” needs.  Thanks, Jim, Jay, and Cheri!  It was a pleasure having you!

  1. March 13, 2015

    The Kreyol Kottage looks so beautiful—the floor is awesome!! And, I see two ladies who both cock their head when posing for photos. He He

    • March 18, 2015


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