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Congratulations Mary Beerley!  You won the raffle!  Our English Camp team left today with the Nativity and will be mailing it to you as soon as they get home πŸ™‚

Rafflecopter randomly selected a winner.  The first random selection had not answered the question about a favorite memory or tradition so we had to go to the second and that was MARY BEERLEY!

This was her favorite Christmas memory:
One of my favorite memories is when Jim, my sister Kathryn and i were stranded on Christmas Eve in Austin. The bridge to my parents’ country home was flooded and we had to spend the night in Austin. We went to a restaurant that had live music. The band was playing the blues. And i mean the BLUES! We asked why they weren’t playing Christmas music since it was Christmas Eve… They replied that it was Tuesday and every Tuesday night was ‘Bummer Night…’ As i looked around at the lonely tables of 1, i was struck by how often i had wanted my life to be different, and i was suddenly exceedingly grateful for my family. My crazy, stubborn, stupifying, WONDERFUL family!!! πŸ™‚

Thank you to everyone who shared your stories and traditions.  I so enjoyed reading through all of them!  May you all have a wonderful, joyous Christmas!

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