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Cover photo above: School secretary Esther and DDL staff member Rolmy tape around the door of the 2nd grade classroom.

Peyi nou ap konfwonte yon moman ki tre difisil, men nou pa oblije reziye nou pou nou chita! Jodi a, staf Devlopman ak staf lèkòl la mete tèt ansanm pou yo pentire saldeklas yo nan lèkòl la. Se te bèl kolaborasyon ak bèl lespri ki pote bèl rezilta. N’ap travay vè lavni! “L’union fait la force.” Se vre. Enben, annou demontre sa nan fason ke n’ap viv jou aprè jou!

English: Our country is facing very difficult times, but we don’t have to resign ourselves to sitting around! Today, the development staff and the school staff put their heads together to paint the school classrooms. It was beautiful collaboration with a beautiful spirit, which produced a beautiful result. We’re working towards the future! “Unity makes strength” (slogan on Haiti flag). That’s true. Then let’s demonstrate that in the way we live day by day!

(I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures below. The lighting in the school is notoriously impossible for good quality images.)

It was a long day, but it was worth it! To see the end results, check out tomorrow’s post!

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