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This week we had two guests with us from Emmanuel Church in Canada. We have really enjoyed having Pastor Scott Stein and Lorne Pastorius, head of the missions committee, with us. Below are some pictures from their time here.

This poster was made by friends at Emmanuel so people here could see their church.

WednesdaySome of the guys here took Scott and Lorne on a tour of the Plateau.

They discovered “kalbas”

And got to see the local homes.

ThursdayIn the morning the men visited the primary school and passed out candy and school supplies that their church had collected.

Lorne hanging out with the pre-school students.

Scott with our gatekeeper, Regilien Emmanuel.

After seeing the school, Manis took them to see the nearby town of Anse-Rouge and to the salt-flats where sea water evaporates to make salt.

In the evening they visited the well and Lemuel garden.


They got to see where the livestock feed during the day and helped one of the young men with his chores.

They also visited one of the places where we often get water and helped fill a few gallons.

They even helped with the dishes!

Scott helped lift buckets of water out of the cistern.

They were cleaning out the cistern because it was too low for the pump.
Now the cistern is all clean and waiting for rain!

Lorne working hard…
…and having fun!


Scott spoke at Saturday evening prayer meeting and gave a very encouraging message on faith and why God sometimes does not give us what we pray for right away.

Around the table, ready for supper.

Scott with the church musicians waiting for the service to start.

Lorne and the Plateau Church

The children looking at pictures of Emmanuel Church
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