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Wow, it has been a long time since I posted any news! I am sorry! A lot has happened over the past month and I will try to get some posts up over the weekend (I am waiting on some pictures).

Over a year ago my uncle, Jim Beerley, was planning to come to Haiti with a man by the name of Christophe Sosso. Christophe is a prominent lawyer in Monaco where my uncle lives and is also President of International Needs Network‘s Monaco branch. At that time Christophe asked if there was anything he could collect to bring with him. I mentioned that some French school books would be nice to give the teachers some different ideas for teaching their classes and give the students some more stimulating books to learn from. In the end Christophe ended up with hundreds of books!

Most of the books donated were given from a school in Corsica. They entitled their program “From one Island to Another” and were even in the news! Others were donated from the parents association in Monaco.

Then the January 12 earthquake hit and Christophe was no longer able to come.

Finally, on March 5th my uncle, aunt, Christophe and 3 others from Monaco arrived! My uncle came to speak at our annual leadership retreat (post about that to come soon) and the others came to see our ministry here are the ministry of the House of Hope. They came with VERY heavy bags full of BOOKS!

The teachers are loving the new books and there are enough of most of them that the students can each work out of their own!

photoglobe.infoMonaco and Corsica where the books came from – that’s a long way!

Christophe talking to our two school directors.
(Jean from Port-au-Prince and Indy from the Plateau)

The team from Monaco and some of our staff with the books.

Fifth Grade class with their books and their teacher, Williamso.

Fourth Grade and teacher, Rechemond

Third Grade class and teacher, Indy

Second Grade class and teacher, Jinel

Thank You!!!
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