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Rick Bucklew has worn many hats on the Plateau…




Auto Mechanic (on many types of vehicles)



Electrical Maintenance and Repairman



Hydro-geological Water Study Assistant



ATV Mechanic and Test Driver



Ancient Laundry Machine Repairman



And my personal favorite: Photobombing Plumber



We are so thankful that the Lord has enabled him to help us in so many ways….and that he has been willing to come back time after time!

Now we are adding a new hat to the stack!  We would like to officially introduce Rick as Lemuel’s Water Solutions Coordinator.  He has been a key figure in our search for and evaluation of water solutions, doing a great deal of the research and communications.

If you have any questions about water solutions options for the Plateau, please feel free to direct your inquires to Rick at rick.bucklew@lemuelministries.org.

**UPDATE** We have been experiencing technical difficulties with the e-mail address listed above.  Please contact Rick at rick@bucklew.net instead.

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