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We’ve waited for this day…we’ve gathered in your name…calling out to you!  Your glory like a fire, awakening desire, will burn our hearts with truth. You’re the reason we’re here, you’re the reason we’re singing!  Open up the heavens! We want to see you! Open up the flood gates! A mighty river flowing from your heart, filling every part of our praise!“Open up the heavens” ~ by Meredith Andrews

Judy has blessed our team with the opportunity to share some of our experience today as a guest blogger. This has been quite a day at Lemuel!  There are 8 of us here on a team representing 4 different churches from Minnesota and Wisconsin.  What was supposed to be the first day of the “Lemuel Cup” soccer tournament and English camp at the school has turned into an exciting day for a very different reason.  As you saw on the blog post yesterday, the Lord sent rain!  We’re so excited to share that he has opened up the heavens over the plateau again today!!  It started raining shortly before 6am this morning and it rained for the majority of the morning.

Where we are from, we’re familiar with school being cancelled due to snow (and extreme cold a couple of days this year), but today school was cancelled for RAIN!  This was a little bittersweet since our team was so excited to work with the kids today, but we are mindful of the sovereignty of our God and His will.  It has allowed us to continue some of the other projects that we have been working on…in the rain 🙂  Some of the children have nearly an hour walk to school and some of the roads become impassable even on foot, especially after a second day of rain.  So, English and the Lemuel Cup will have to wait until tomorrow.  Unless…(insert your prayer here)!

It has literally been a year since the last significant rainfall, so the excitement is evident in the community and the praise is sweet!  We have been praying hard for Him to send the rain, as I’m sure that most of you have been.  The Lord has shown us his power and glory in a way that is difficult to put into words.  We are rejoicing today and standing on the promises of our God with the reminder that His mercy is abundant.  “He has shown kindness by giving you rain from heaven…” Acts 14:17

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