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“I learn so much from Lemuel.  Because you are here, I don’t feel alone.”  The young man who sat across from us came from Ti Karenaj, the same nearby community where Lemuel’s water truck goes to fill up its tank.  It is not the first time he has come to us sharing his vision, passion, and genuine heart to help the people of his community.

Recently, he and some others took steps to address the limitations of their community’s water supply system.  After a wearying series of events so typical of the corruption, deceit, discouragments, and frustrations found in Haiti, a company arrived unexpectedly to drill the well that they had been planning.  Unfortunately, they were also confronted with an unanticipated bill for $2500 US, due immediately—a bill the community was willing to foot, but did not have in hand at such short notice.

“Because Lemuel is here,” he repeated, “I don’t feel alone when I am fighting for the development of my community.”

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As I listened to him, my heart ached.  Here is a young man brimming with ideas, talent, intelligence, integrity, determination, and a self-sacrificing passion to help his people….yet Haiti offers no support, no encouragement for such as these.

But, Nesly is also a man of strong faith.  “This is an opportunity that God has given to us.  I know that if God wants this to happen, he will make it possible.  Even if He wants to wait until the last second, He can make a way.”


Ti Karenaj is a neighbor that has willingly offered a life-saving source of water for Lemuel and our community, often bending over backwards to help us out.  We want to stand behind and lock arms with them however we can, supporting one another in mutually beneficial ways.  In this instance, we were unable to assist them with their immediate need.  But, as God provides to our general fund, these are the types of opportunities in which we have the privilege of being a part.  And we have ideas for the future…

What an encouragement to know that the Plateau is inspiring and giving strength to others engaged in the same fight in their own communities.

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