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A final example of God’s faithfulness comes as we turn the corner from 2018 into 2019…

2018 was a rough year in terms of financial resources. As we started the new work year in September, we found ourselves forced to examine every activity and count every penny.  This turned into a great learning experience for us and for our staff, especially our leaders.  Everyone had to learn how to manage on a very tight budget.  We have had to scrutinize and streamline some processes and cut back on some activities.  This is stressful but has had some good results.

However, even as financial stresses have been curbing some activity, we have at the same time been observing something that greatly encourages our hearts.  Some of our young people–who have grown up under Lemuel’s influence–have begun to develop vision and reach out to others on their own initiative.

L to R: Rosemitha, Génièse, Josiane, Modelene

Josiane and her team of young ladies (Modelene, Rosemitha, and Génièse) have been working with three age-groups of girls, teaching practical skills and Biblical Truth. (You can read some more about them here.)

On Christmas Day, they put on a special program for their parents.  Their energy and excitement was evident as they decorated and prepared for the party!

Djeffson has started a soccer group to reach out to some of the young men from the area. He not only drills them in soccer skills, but strives to encourage them towards good choices for their lives.

Djeffson is to the right of the frame, kicking the soccer ball.

“I know that working with people can be discouraging,” says Djeffson. “But I was discouraging to work with sometimes too! The people investing in me didn’t give up on me, so I won’t give up on these guys.”

It was also a joy to have Mezou back for a couple weeks!

We were so encouraged to hear him share how he has grown in his faith and to see him remaining firm and faithful in his vision to return to the Plateau and invest in his community after he graduates.

FYI: It would not be uncommon in Haiti for a university student to refuse to pick up a hoe and work in the garden (because they are too good for that now). Not Mezou! He is always eager to jump in, work hard for his community, and set the example for other young men, no matter what the job.

Mezou, Obed, and some of our other young people were put in charge of the New Year’s Eve prayer service. They did a great job leading everyone in thanksgiving for the year past and prayer for the year to come!

How can we express what it means to us to see the difference in the lives of these young people and the difference that they are making in the lives of others? In the midst of daily challenges, discouragements, and crises, they are what keep us from giving up.

As we move into 2019, Please pray for these young people and the commitments they have made. They are literally the hope for the future.

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