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The school closed the first trimester and kicked off Christmas vacation with a party on Sunday.  The party included the children from the school and from kid’s club, as well as any parents who wanted to come.  They took the above photo especially for YOU! Below, you will find a couple more pictures from the program.


Met Osselet shared a Christmas message…


…and the kids shared songs, skits, poems, and dances!



At the end of the program, the school staff handed out report cards and gave Christmas gifts.




To all our sponsors: A Very Merry Christmas!!


  1. December 23, 2016

    Merry Christmas to all the children and adults at LeMuel! I loved the pictures and everyone dressed up for Christmas. You look so very happy! Praise our Lord Jesus for His Presence in this world! I am amazed how God came down into human form for us. Jesus came not as a prince of royalty with a fancy physical kingdom, but He came as a King in a humble stable. A poor child who had no place to lay his head but among the animals. Oh, to be one of those animals and to see baby Jesus. How exciting would that be?

    I thank you Lord Jesus for your Presence at LeMuel and for your Presence in my life. May your will be done. Also, Lord, we pray for good clean water to be found in the wells being dug soon near LeMuel, if that is your will. Amen.

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