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SEEING GOD in the crisis…

Over a year ago…

Who would have thought a visit from Mission Aviation Fellowship would result in water cisterns for families? Who would have known that with the money that was donated through MAF, we would be able to help 2 families build their own water cisterns?


We didn’t…but GOD KNEW!

These water cisterns are designed out of cement and about 200 blocks. They can hold up to 3,000 gallons of water. This is more than enough water for a family for 1 month, as well as for them to help out their neighbors.  Also, by selling some of their water they are able to purchase the next truckload of water. Thus giving the family a little income, as well as more water.



God was a work knowing the crisis we would have ahead of us.

TOMORROW we will tell you the rest of the story…

Post by: Bonita Sparling

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