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Wilnique has the seniority as a teacher in Lemuel’s school…he has been with us for 5 years!


Q:  What gives you the most joy in your classroom?

Wilnique: What gives me the most joy is seeing how my students have respect for others.  They show me respect as well as the visitors we have to our class.  Moreover, they follow the principles I have set for my class.


Q: What is the greatest difficulty you confront?

Wilnique: The greatest difficulty I confront is when I have finished teaching a class, my students say they understand, but then they can’t do their homework!


Q: In your opinion, what importance does a teacher have within society?

Wilnique: A teacher is very important in society, because he/she is the one shaping the people who will be useful to their country in the future.


Q:  If you could describe your current class of children with one word, what word would you choose?

Wilnique:  Encouragement.  They encourage me through their diligence and intelligence and obedience.



Q: In the future, what do you hope the kids who are in your class today can offer their country that the previous generation was not able to offer?

Wilnique: A generation ago, people here didn’t give education much importance. Most people stopped at sixth grade and went to work in the garden.  But that limited them in their social and intellectual development.  I hope that my students will value education and pursue it, so that they are able to get good jobs.  In that way, they will have both the skills and the money to invest in developing their community. And I hope that they will have the spirit of development in them too.


Q: What are you teaching your students that can help them realize this?

Wilnique: I teach them to have a spirit of teamwork.  One person by themselves cannot bring change, whether they are well educated or not.  We all need each other.  If we join hands, we can bring change.


Q: What teacher had the greatest influence on you? How?

Wilnique:  I had a physics teacher in high school who had a principled character.  He always encouraged us to keep trying to do our best in life.  He had such a positive impact on me, that now I teach high school physics too [in the afternoons]!


 Q: What importance does your faith in Jesus Christ have in your life?

Wilnique: He knows all about me, and protects me in every way.

  1. June 17, 2017

    What an excellent attitude from a teacher! I loved the way he viewed his students and the faith he has in Jesus Christ. We are called to be principled people and we do need to join hands in order to bring about change in our environments. I would enjoy working with a person like this individual. He seems to be a deep thinker and he is a positive person. I bet his students love him working with him and learning from him. Thank you Wilnique for sharing! God bless you.

    • June 19, 2017

      Thanks so much, Mary!

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