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Thank you so much to those of you who have been praying for our teacher training seminar that is going on this week.  Yesterday something happened that was purely the work of God.  During this week Pastor Marcus is teaching through five “non-negotiables” of our faith.  As he spoke yesterday about a Holy God and about the the helplessness of sinners, he had not planned to share his own testimony, but ended up doing so to help the teachers understand a point he was making. 

As he shared, one of the new teachers from Port-au-Prince felt his words pierce her heart.  It was so similar to her own experience, an experience that she had never shared with anyone.  She told me afterward that something inside her was pushing her to speak and try as she might to keep it in, she couldn’t.  She began to cry and with all the teachers around her asking her what was wrong, she finally stood up to share.  I will not get into all the details she shared but she has been going through an incredibly intense spiritual battle.  As she shared things with us that she has not even told her family it was as though light was able to flood the darkness that she had been trying to fight so hard on her own, in secret. 

Over their lunch break, Marcus was able to talk to her, and while I cannot predict what her future will look like, I feel like this is an opportunity that God has given her to renew her relationship with Him and to pull others around her to help her fight this battle. 

Please be in prayer for this young lady.  Her name is Bergeline.  Pray that she will grab hold of the promises of God and be able to distinguish and reject the lies that come from the Father of Lies.  Pray that she will intentionally pull people around her who can help her and that she will never again try to hide this, or fight this battle alone.

As we go into our second day, please continue to be in prayer for Pastor Marcus, for all of us who will be involved, and for the teachers who will be listening.  May God’s will be done.

  1. September 25, 2012

    So amazing how God works! I am praising Jesus and will continue to pray for Bergeline as she lives out this faith journey.
    Will continue to pray for God’s truth to be taught and understood. Thank you for the updates!

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