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 I am a little late on this post since the teachers have been in their house for almost two weeks now… time just flies!

Power washing and cleaning the house before they moved in.  
It was quite a task to clean all the cement dust and pieces off the floor and walls!
 Goofing off for the picture 🙂
The side view of the house with some flowers and trees that the girls have started to plant. 
They would have planted more but they’ve had to limit themselves to things the goats won’t eat 🙂


 The 5 teachers on the side porch…
…and front porch.
The rocks around the flower bed are the ones they collected on the staff beach day 🙂
One note: For some reason the post about Mezou did not go out on email.  I did keep my promise to do it!  See below…
  1. October 19, 2013

    SO happy to know the teacher are all moved in AND to know that this is the house where Jenna will also be for her time there on the plateau. Praying for the adjustment for Jenna and all the teachers and rest of the team!

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