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I have been overwhelmed today at what we can do when we work together and help one another. Below is an email I received from a CrossWorld missionary. Some of you may remember the group of youth from here who went on donkey and mule to take IVs to the hospital in Passe Catabois after the hurricanes. I got tears in my eyes as I read this email…

Word from Bolosse is that you sent them some culligan water but Phyllis is worried that you are going to run short yourself. We filter our water here and have an unlimited supply. Do you need filtered water? There is a man who works with us whose life was probably saved by the IVs that you sent here after the hurricanes. If he needs to return the favor let us know. Bruce

We are fine on water right now. Aunt Phyllis is so sweet to worry about us when she is going through what she is going through! But I just think it is incredible how we can all help each other and work together if we are all willing to give a little.

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