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Gracious!  A lot has happened since I last posted!

First of all, tropical storm Isaac did pass near us but we actually fared quite well.  We got some really nice rains out of it – nothing strong and destructive, just long and gentle.  We did get some winds that got a bit strong at one point but they did not last too long and, all in all, I have not heard that they caused any damage in the community.  Thank you to all those who were praying for us.  

I (Judy) arrived back in Haiti on August 1… and cannot believe that 26 days have gone by since!  My parents, brother and sister-in-law, niece and a family friend flew back with me.  My mom’s cousin and his son joined us a week later.  It was quite a full two weeks with lots to get done and me trying to catch up on everything after being away for two months.  In addition to helping Manis and I with our house*, the team worked on fixing the electrical system on the campus, preparing Manis’s office, and doing all kinds of odd jobs. 
 Mom worked with one of the girls, Rose-Mathe, teaching her to do nails.  She is already known as one of the best girls to do hair.  Being able to do nails as well can mean an extra income for her. 
 When I got back I was pleasantly surprised to find some of the girls I had worked with through the year and the two who had been in school in PauP had formed a team and were doing all the cooking and cleaning for the summer.  Krischelle had worked with them quite a bit and things they had started to learn they now can do all by themselves… like making bread!  
I haven’t made one loaf of bread since I got back!  It’s been great!

 The guys who had been away at school have also been working through the summer.  
In addition to their regular jobs of water trees, filling cisterns and that sort of thing they have also done some masonry work!  Manis needed a little wall built and felt it was the perfect project for them to learn on. They did a great job! 
  They also did the rock area in front of Manis’ office.  

Another exciting thing as I arrived back was to see all the progress on the school.  The walls are up!  The next step is to tie the tops of the walls with rebar and cement. Then we can put on the roofs!  After that, the conduit for the electrical has to be put in and the floor poured.  At that point we can begin using the classrooms!  I am waiting to get an approximate price on the roofs.  Once I have that I will be able to finish a budget for these next steps.  If you would be interested in receiving this once it is done please let me know (judy.dilus@lemuelministries.org).

*Manis and I are in the process of building our own house and will be turning the Lemuel house over to Bonita Sparling who will be joining our team in November.  More on that in the next few months…

  1. August 28, 2012

    LOVE the pictures and the amazing amount of work that has been done! Some wonderfully talented masons! Thank you for the update and for Lemuel Ministries’ faithfulness to God’s plans.
    SuAnne and Randy

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