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We just got word that the home of Armand Louis was flattened. Some of you may know him. His wife was pulled from under the rubble but they are all ok. I will continue to post as we hear from people. Here is what I just received from Phyllis Schmid at Bolosse…

I know you want to help but God providing. Just pray for the injured.
Still can’t get down in the rubble to know if anyone is still there. I’m
prayinhg they were not here that day and we just havent’ heard. Lots have
died all over the city though

Judy we have some water in cistern but not using it unless desperate.
Jacques’ house has it and some people are going up there. I’m glad you
aren’t here because David and I have not had a bath since the morning of the
earthquake. Not a good thing! No aftershocks since this morning – I hope
they have stopped. Were able to get a little water in buckets and have
enough filtered water. People are buying cases of Tampico etc too so so far
we’re ok. People are cooking in the yard etc. It is like a tent city but
I’m so glad we can help. The basketball court is a clinic with tables lined
up for treating the injured. I shredded sheets for bandages and cut up aloe
for the 2 doctors who now live in Pasteur Joel’s house to use – I asked what
I could do and that is what they told me. I wish I could be more help down
there but that is not my gift. I’ll help in other ways.

Last night I fell asleep on cushions on the swing and looked at the stars
and listened to the people singing hymns and just thanked God for being here
at this time to help whoever we can. Mme Lucien and extended family (almost
20 people) were asleep beside me in the yard and david on the glider
cushions on the patio. Just pray the rain holds off so we don’t have people
getting soaked. We have tarps up all over the front and back yards of the
house. Lots of people in Joel’s yard too.

Haven’t see Rosita – she fell and hurt her knees. I also fell after dark on
my steps the night of the earthquake as I hurried to get something at the
house. Banged up my right side so am sore as anything but nothing broken.

Motel can’t be used anymore, our house has some major cracks but we are
hoping they don’t really affect the structure.
Love Aunt Phyllis

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