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These little boys are getting water out of “the big” water hole in our community.  When water is scarce, people sometimes come here from quite a distance.  When our water holes are dry…people have to go even further.

We wish we could say that no one is drinking or bathing in that water…but, we can’t.  That’s just the reality of where we live.

It is also one reason we’re sitting around this table…


It worked out perfectly to have some old and key friends–who also happen to be key players in the well project–all visiting us at the same time!  Included around this table, you will see Rick (our water solutions coordinator), Samuel, Bryon (Bonita’s dad), and Dave (Judy’s dad). This is a picture of the meeting we had on Friday to think ahead and discuss our next move for the well project…we’re getting really close!

We will have big news to share early next week, so stay tuned!

(For more about the well project, click here.)

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