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As the school year races to a close, here is what has been happening in fifth grade:


Social Studies


Under the heading of “Civism,” the fifth graders have been looking at social institutions and the role of each in society.  For example:

School: education, socialization, recreation

Church: Spiritual formation, social formation

Family: Affection, socialization, reproduction



The last two institutions they studied were…

Unions: Protection of human rights/interests

The Press: Inform, educate, entertain





In math, the kids in fifth grade are learning to make conversions between feet and inches.  Example: 3 ft, 8 in = (12 x 3) + 8 = 44 inches.



The students also reviewed how to find the surface of a parallelogram.  (I bet you didn’t forget, but just in case, its “base x height.”)





Teacher Fleurima’s drawing classes came in handy in science class to demonstrate the process of condensation.  It’s the next best thing to a lab!



Creole Communication


In Creole class, Fleurima taught his students how to identify and formulate direct vs indirect statements by having two of them come forward. One would make a direct statement to his/her classmate, and the classmate would transmit the information to the rest of the class via an indirect statement.  For example

Taicha might say, “I have three pens.” (direct)

Fridson would then tell the class, “Taicha said that she has three pens.” (indirect)



Although, I do not have any pictures to share, the fifth graders also studied the story of Naboth and King Ahab in Bible class, and they practiced their French communication with Kenol.



It will soon be exam time!

  1. September 9, 2017

    Sounds like such important learning was going on in grade 5! Some of it was a good review for me too!

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