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A group of youth, some who are going to school in PauP, some who are here on the Plateau, put their heads together to form a Youth Committee. We have tried starting youth initiatives before but they always ended up falling apart. This time, however, we had nothing to do with it. They made their own committee, planned their outing, their entertainment, everything…

After the Easter Service the committee distributed a little bit of rice, beans, and oil to everyone who had signed up to go (participants had to pay 100 gourdes – about $2.50 US) so that they could all make food at home to take along to the beach.
That afternoon the committee and some others went to the beach to clean up the trash that had washed up so it would be clean for their trip the next day.

The committee stayed up till 2AM finalizing their preparations!

The second vehicle pulling out of the Lemuel campus on the way to the beach!

The youth committee had planned a series of games and activities.
Those who enjoy music entertained everyone…

… and Met Guillaume, one of the school teachers, gave a challenge to the youth.

Packing up after a great day.

All loaded and ready to head home.

The Youth Committee
The beach trip was a great success. We are so proud of these young people taking the initiative to plan something for their fellow youth. They are pictured here with Berlin Lilite, longtime Lemuel staff member.
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